Academic & Learning Support

Academic and Career Advising Center

The Academic and Career Advising Center is an inclusive center structured to help students persist and graduate with four-year degrees by providing for all stages of academic and career development. With a team of academic & career advisors, they can help students get the most out of their college experience. The advisors focus on the student's personal, professional, and academic goals while promoting lifelong learning and social responsibility. With their guidance, students will explore and choose academic majors and career options, obtain and reflect upon academic, career related, and other experiens, as well as develop, pursue, and achieve meaningful educational plans in pursuit of life goals. Students can receive support with:

  • Creating an academic plan
  • Academic Development
  • GE substitutions
  • 4-year plans
  • Internship searchs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Personal statements
  • DARS questions
  • Graduate school applications
  • Full-time job search
  • Major change advising
  • Community service/work study
  • On-track to graduate
  • Career assessment
  • Adding a second major
  • Withdrawal
  • Mock interview

Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships

The Center for Service Learning & Academic Internships (CSLAI) is the hub of support for Service Learning and Academic Internship experiences at Humboldt State University, providing resources and support to faculty, community partners and students engaging in purposeful, credit-bearing educational opportunities that serve the community.

Cross Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence

The Cross Cultural Centers aim to suppor the retention and academic success of historically underrepresented students, creating both a "home away from home" as well as academic support networks. Currently the African-American and Latin@ Centers have been launched, and plans for a Pacific Islander Center and a Queer Resource Center are in the works.

Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves as a primary vehicle for the CSU in increasing the access, academic excellence and retention of California's educationally and economically disadvantaged students, thus working in the spirit and abiding by the legislative intent that originally established the program in 1969.

The core of our program services are built upon a student-centered/empowerment model which leverages an educational and co-curricular path for building student autonomy and self-reliance; for helping students to foster a sense of resilience and self-determination to overcome social, cultural, and systemic oppression; and for becoming actively engaged leaders. 

Learning Center

The Learning Center offers a comprehensive program of services to support the academic needs of Humboldt students. These services are for every type of student: from first year to graduate student, from students struggling to stay in school to students trying for straight A's, and from local Humboldt County students to international students.

At the Learning Center, students can get help with difficult courses, study skills, standardized test preparation, reading, math, and writing skills. You can study with a tutor, meet individually with a lab assistant to help keep you on track, and use interactive software programs that strengthen academic and learning skills.

Retention Through Academic Mentoring Program

The mission of the Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) is to advance efforts in supporting first time students by providing academic and personal support from current HSU students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Through unique peer relationships, RAMP connects students to curricular/co-curricular learning experiences, as well as support services; helping them succeed and thrive.

Currently RAMP serves all first time freshmen through general and/or 1:1 mentoring meetings, events, and collaborations with other units on campus.