Campus Assistance Response and Engagement (CARE)

Welcome to our Campus Community

and the Campus Assistance, Response & Engagement website.
This site contains useful information to assist you in accessing on/off campus resources. Specifically, resources such as food security, housing needs, mental health, medical services, alcohol & other drug treatment, etc our shared. The general purpose of CARE is to be a safe and trusting campus resource to assist and support students coping with non-academic issues.
If you have any questions you can contact our office at (707) 826-3504 or email us.
CARE Services office is located on the HSU campus in Siemens Hall 211.
                                                                                                             -Vincent Feliz, CARE Services Coordinator

The Mission

The Campus Assistance Response and Education (CARE) program’s primary mission is to support the wellbeing and safety of Humboldt State University Students. The CARE program supports student success by facilitating referrals, support and advocacy through nonclinical interventions. We also provide follow-up services in collaboration with parents, guardians, community agencies, other university departments and stakeholders in the student’s success. Depending on the nature of the situation, CARE will consult with HSU offices impacted by the crisis. Our program abides by FERPA laws, which means we are a private not confidential resource.

CARE services available:

  • Referrals and community resources
  • Academic support including notifying professors regarding missed classes, dropping a class, withdrawal
  • Consultation for the university community regarding students in distress
  • Exploring housing options
  • Navigate and explain university policy and procedures

Other campus services available: