Housing - Long Term & Emergency


Housing & Residence Life - Humboldt is a residential campus and does have available on-campus lodging & dining for students, however space is limited so early application is recommended. For more information on becoming a resident, please visit their application page.

  • Contact: 707/826-3451 

Off-Campus Long Term

Find-a-Roommate - Humboldt Housing & Dining provides a tool for connecting with other students to live off campus together (it operates similar to classified ads but is exclusive to the Humboldt community). 

Local Property Management this partial list of property managers local to Humboldt County for those looking to rent.

Craigslist for Humboldt County 

Off Campus Housing Guide tips for finding and living off campus.

Off-Campus Short Term/Temporary/Emergency

The Redwood Lily House is an eco-lodge/hostel where students can stay for 2-3 nights at an affordable rate. This option is frequently less expensive than hotels and motels, and can be a great resource for students who need short term housing. The Redwood Lily operates on a first-come/first-served basis as space is limited.

Arcata House Partnership offers two separate shelter programs: an Adult Shelter and a Family Shelter. The Adult Shelter serves adults over 18 in communal/dorm housing, and the Family Shelter serves any family with children in communal housing facilities in Arcata.

  • Contact: 707/633-6236